One (1) Nintendo Wii - NO MARKUP - Submit your sob story - Petaluma - resell consoles

One (1) Nintendo Wii - NO MARKUP - Submit your sob story — Petaluma
$ 275 Price

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In the spirit of the holidays, I have decided to sell a Nintendo Wii to one deserving soul (without the 80% markup!).

Through my Wii journey, I have decided that their are many people more deserving of this console than myself. I was lucky enough to have acquired two Wiis and I will be auctioning one online to help support the American Red Cross. The other will be given out, right here on OLX, for a guaranteed $275.

*The extra $25 over the $250 MSRP simply covers the tax and shipping which i paid, but I may be willing to cut that too if need be*

All you have to do is tell me why you are most deserving of the Wii. I want to hear of your incredible journey and/or the reasons that you feel qualify you most. Be sure to submit your story by 11/23. The winner will receive their Wii on 11/24-11/25. We would either arrange to meet or I can ship for a nominal fee.

I expect nothing in return... I just believe in random acts of kindness.

PLEASE READ: You MAY NOT resell the Wii if you are the winner and you MUST be truthful in all accounts of your story. Unfortunately I will be unable to completely donate this console, because I have already focused my charity pursuits on the Petaluma Footrace, and don't have the funds.

Rest assured; your e-mail will not be given out or sold to anyone.

*However if you happen to be a runner who lives in sonoma county and would like more info on the Petaluma Footrace, I'd be happy to send some out.


  • Petaluma, California, United States